Brad and Mindy Taylor

Brad has been serving in pastoral ministry since 1995 and studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is an effective communicator of God's Word. He has a practical style of teaching which helps people apply the timeless truths of scripture to their everyday lives.

Worship Leader-Jeanessa Marler

When I was young my piano teacher, the late Nancy DeMoss who lived just one street past where the current Oak Grove Baptist Church sits, along with my older sister would take me to Garnett Road Baptist Church in Tulsa. I remember bits and pieces of my church attendance from kindergarten through 6th grade, but mainly the commitment that both of these ladies made to invest in me. I found salvation at the age of 13 while attending Calvary Baptist in Tulsa. Our family immediately started attending First Baptist Church of Rolling hills, the founder of Oak Grove Baptist. I took my relationship with God pretty seriously throughout my youth. I loved being involved in church, the joy of serving the Lord, witnessing to my friends and leading others to Christ. I owe a lot to my Youth Minister, Mark Miller, who was very dedicated in changing the lives of young people.  

As an adult, like many other “Christians”, I was merely a believer in God, I was not a servant of Christ. I found myself more and more influenced by the world, allowing Satan a foothold in my life. Recently I’ve heard this defined as customized Christianity, which pretty much sums up how I was living my life.  It wasn’t until 2-3 years ago, that I surrendered my life to Christ and cried out to God to completely change my heart. I finally stopped living for myself and gave up the sin that was holding me captive. Only through God’s grace and strength, along with my willingness to lay it all down, that’s the key, it’s a commitment; I was never fully committed, now I am a new person. Ever since I made that choice, I have had so much more joy than ever before.

While creating a Christ-centered home through my newly focused faith, God gave me the opportunity to serve at Oak Grove Baptist in the music program in March 2014. I was very thankful that He opened that door in my life. I was asked to commit to full-time music ministry in March 2015. I’ve attended Oak Grove Baptist since 2002, I’ve seen the church evolve, and I’ve witnessed members come and members go, leaders too. I consider it a privilege to serve under Pastor Brad Taylor who has a godly vision for this community and I support the church in all that it stands for.


Youth Minister-Matt Shepard

















Matt and Taylor Shepard